NEC & Nero

I hope this isn’t considered off-topic, so if you can help me I’d be grateful.

I have a new NEC 3500, and recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled XP Pro w/SP2. I installed the latest version of Nero, and find that it basically freezes the PC - mainly when I start Nero, though at one point InfoTools began and froze while trying to recognize the NEC drive. Once things freeze I have to do a hard reboot. I don’t have any other burning software installed yet, so I don’t believe it’s a driver conflict. But what’s odd is that a few weeks ago, with the same setup, everything worked. I tried earlier versions of Nero and the same proble arose again and again.

I think I have a fairly typical setup – my DVD drive is the master, the NEC is the slave. So as not to conflict with my VPN for work, they’re drives Y and Z respectively.

If I can’t resolve this soon I guess I will switch to different software - any suggestions? I’d have another audio burner program (Feurio) so I’m mainly interested in DVD copying/authoring; and ideally a backup program.

I think the problem would most likely be caused by the pre-mature install of SP2…what i would do is uninstall sp2 and install all necessary programs first, then install sp2 on top of it all.

just my opinion though.

That’s interesting - but I’m curious - why do you think that installing SP2 before any programs might be a bad idea (at least in this case)?

Topic poster already raised the same question/ problem in Nero & InCD Forum section. :confused:

nelle, keep it there. :wink:

I have done a lot of testing with XP and SP2, FWIW, I created a slipstreamed install of XP with SP2. I complete the installation of XP and then install Nero, never had any problems.

Check the ASPI layer and the hardware using device manager to make sure DMA is enabled. I’m assuming the latest version of Nero you are talking about is

Have you flashed the drive with any unofficial or offical firmware? If so maybe the flash was bad and needs to be reflashed.