NEC NEC ND-2500A 120min...what?

Guys im really new to this. In a few hours i will recieve my nec :slight_smile:
Just a couple a minutes ago i bought FORTIS 120min 25 pack. And i read NEC only supports 90 no higer.

Now im sad and confused:( :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Later on a danish user in here wrote it only was for cd r burning not dvd??!!??!

Please someone tell me if hes right, then im glad.

My quiz: Can i burn dvrs-120min with NEC ND-2500A?


BTW Nice forum

his name is jbv:

"The 90 min are only when you burn cdr and have no influence on dvd burning.

You can buy cdr media with 90 min and 99 min, and nd2500 can only burn up to 90 min and can not use 99 min cdr.

Both 90 min and 99 min are over normal value 80 min.

If you dont need to burn over 90 min then no problem for you if you get a nd2500."

Can someone confirm this???

The info about 120 min sounds little bit strange. This info is for standalone DVD recordes and denotes that this media burned in such recorder in normal mode it will record 120 min. That’s all. But this is normal DVD recordable media.

Right noww I’ve TDK DVD+RW x4 4.7GB befere me (standard DVD+RW media) and it has such info on back:

HQ (High Quality) - 60 min
SP (Standard Play) - 120 min
LP (Long Play) - 180 min
EP (Extended Play) - 240 min
SLP (Super Long Play) - 360 min

So don’t be so afraid - it’s normal info but for standalone recorders. Like SP and LP mode length in VHS recorders.

@ T-850, do yourself a favor. If you can return or get a refund/exchange for that Fortis media do it!

From what I have seen and from personal experience, it is among the worst DVD media ever made. Granted the NEC burns it better then any drive I have seen but the reflectivity is absolutely horrible and I would imagine you will have problems getting it to play in set top DVD players as I did.

Guys first thanx for the reply. Listen i used FORTIS on 2 things and it worked awesome (in fact the best dvd r disc i ever had)

James bond, evrything or nothing DVD NTSC

Lost in translation NTSC 2003

The xbox booted in a half second, the film the same :slight_smile:

This dvd burner sure is awesome, well the reading aint great, but who cares, i wanna burn :slight_smile:

Later guys

BTW I hope FORTIS works out for you mate as it did for me :slight_smile:

I used DVD X COPY to burn the films, i never use NERO, dont like it :frowning:

IM checking your guide how to burn using recordnow max :slight_smile:

I love that program, espically if you burn xbox games. Now i will burn movies with it :slight_smile:

Nice guide mate

First, thanks :slight_smile:

Second, well I’m glad the Fortis media worked for someone. Let’s hope it lasts for longer then a few years in storage :slight_smile:
With My LiteOn 811S the errors were ridiculously high. I’ve read of other problems with it as well.