Nec NEC 3540a vs NEC 3520a

I need a new burner I will probably get one of these burners:nec NEC 3540a or NEC 3520a. I read the review on the 3540a and it is the winner of the CD Freaks “Safe Buy” award. What is this? Is the 3520a also a winner of the “safe buy” award?

I burn all my dvd’s on dvd-r media. Which burner is more reliable and more compatible? The 3520a seems to need a firmware update to function better I think it is firmware 1.04 or 3.04 not sure which one it is.

Does the 3540a use this new firmware?
Nec 3540a vs nec 3520a which would you buy?

any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated

NEC 3520 and 3540 are completely different devices, although the name suggests otherwise.
Firmware is not interchangeable between these two devices.
Since 3520 is the older device, 3520’s firmware is currently slightly more mature than 3540’s, but that will probably change within a couple of weeks/months.
I’d choose the 3540.


Hi :slight_smile:
The 3540 is the better buy ie: likely to be supported longer & is faster
The reason the 3520 -3540 were rated “safe buy” is because NEC tend to play safe with speed setting both read & write in the pursuit of consistant read write strategies hence the f/w of Liggy & Dee ( :clap: :bow: ) prove very popular

I’ve had both, and I like the 3540 more. I get much better burns. It’s also got slightly faster DL recording IIRC, however I doubt I’ll be using that any time soon, since the media is so expensive.