NEC NDR-50 DVD recorder



My NEC NDR-50 burner has developed a problem recently partialy I believe due to me leaving the tray door open over night and the room was very cold and it triggered the dew?? protection mechinism.
At first it woulnt go passed the ‘hello’ message but after a couple of days in a warmer room powered up it finaly completed its house keeping routine and the display indicated it was up and running.
it plays a disc ok but I have no audio out via the RCA plugs.
At this time I cant test the digital/optical audio out so I dont know if they are effected.
I have checked everything I can find in the handbook regarding audio settings but except for a short period when garbled sound (sounded like running water) occured, there is total silence.
Another thing I havent yet tried is to record a DVD and play it back on another player to see if it has sound ok.
Untill I stupidly left the door open it has worked without any problems.
Most of its life it has been connected to a video recorder and used to copy tapes to DVD.


I don’t think that caused the problem . It might be the age of
the recorder,also check your connections front and back. If the
problem continues rather then paying for a costly repair,just buy
a dvr or another recorder. They are pretty cheap right now and,
it would save you a lot of headaches.
Enjoy ZAP.