NEC ND6650a media suggestions?


I was recently told I use “cheap and crappy” media, and thus would like some help in choosing better media for my new DVD writer. I love this thing, and it has gotten fab reviews, thus, I want only the best and most compatable media.

I have been using SKC, Ltd for dvd-r media and memorex cd-r media

I’ve heard good things about Verbatim dvd-r and Taiyo Yuden dvd-r … true?

Thanks :bigsmile:

Yes, true. :wink:

What about the debate between dvd+r or dvd-r ? … which is better? Which will last longer?

Where does one buy “authentic” dvd-r dvd+r media? I think I’ll try me out some TY media, as it has been getting rave reviews everywhere I look

Well if you live near a Best Buy store, you can pick from these…

50 pack of Verbatim 16x DVD+R/-R for $14.99


25 pack of FujiFilm 8x DVD+R/-R’s (TY’s) for $7.99

that way, if you can afford it, you could try all 4, and figure which is best for your burner…:slight_smile:

I actually saw the advertisement last night, read the reviews in here in the “bargain basement,” and went and snatched up about $80 worth. =)

I only got the +R, as my drive supports bitsetting through Liggy’s bitsetting firmware.

As my drive does NOT support PIF (is that right?), what is the best way to test if I’ve successfully written a disk? How does one test pre-burned media, and then post-burned media?

And what about CD-R or CD+R media ??? Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden, too??? Any deals folks know about?

Such as CD+R doesn’t exist. Only CD-R and CD-RW.

which cd-r then? I need to burn better cds!

Verbatims in my opinion.

I recommend audio cd-r for consumers:bigsmile: