NEC-ND6650A in Notebook! Help!

NEC-ND6650A in Notebook! Assistance!!!

Hello together!!
I am German and can nearly no English I with an on-line translator helped itself out. I apologize already times for the bad English. It would be beautiful if one in German answer can!

I have the following problem! I have a Gericom 1st Supersonic 1000Mhz model: A440 is in reality a F.I.C A440 There gladly a NEC DVD burner of the type ND-6650A would like to runs to get!

----------------------------------------------------------------- Something to the conditions of the Notebooks: It is inserted to original a Thoshiba DVD-Rom! Which is recognized by the second IDE channel as masters! It is by software adjusted as CSEL(Cable SELECT).

The newest Bios original from F.I.C is up-played !
I already got main memories on 512MB, although the manufacturer assures as upper limit only to 256 MB!

Thereupon I imagined, since the NEC Slimlinebrenner is delivered kind-moderately as masters, simply only begins and would have are recognized. Thus I one in the Onlineshop bought. When he came, I had inserted him immediately. There the bad came more wakeup.He is not recognized! I have myself in the InterNet thereupon smartly made, and with NEC found out, which the drive assemblies are delivered only as masters or Slave. Since Slave is not applicable with me because of the second IDE channel as single drive assembly, do not continue to point I no more. I had read users in another forum, where it concerns to this Notebooks another topic, in the profile, which he in this Notebook a NEC ND 6500A to run.
I had him already written down, and for it in demand like it had solved the problem with the master of the drive assembly. It gave me unfortunately no useful Informationen(er wanted with the language does not speak).! Therefore I ask you for assistance, how I can solve this problem. Because I no Thosiba which it also as CableSelect gives, not to have would like! NEC are simply the better, have in my Desktop ND 3500A and burn with the correct firmware also very Good and the NEC to support the Bitsetting!

Thanks already times the Puschi4

Okay, let try this in German:

Soweit ich diese ‘komische’ Ãœbersetzung verstanden habe, ist da ein Problem mit SLAVE- MASTER- Cable Select, korrekt?

Ich habe ein Dell I8100 und mein 6650 ist als SLAVE am Master IDE channel. Ich denke dass das Drive sich selbst entweder als Master oder Slave einstellt. Wie dass mit Cable Select aussieht kann ich leider nicht sagen. Es sollte aber möglich sein, daß man bei NEC direkt darüber Auskunft erhalten kann.

So try again :wink: and best regards

Für alle die Deutsch sprechen,ich habe diesen Post auch auf Deutsch im German bereich.

Hier der Link:

Hinweis: Ich fahre bis Mittwoch weg,nicht wundern,wenn ich bis Dato nicht antworte.

Gruss Puschi

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Thanks four your direkly Help!!!

I had Helped Myself and with work of another Forum!

You can Talk about Languages.You can´t Talk about Nec Support.
Thanks My Problem is done!!!