NEC ND6650a compatible with Toshiba laptop?

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 with a CDRW drive and i want to upgrade it to a DVD writer. I have seen a NEC ND6650a but ive heard there is compatibility issues with certain Toshiba laptops? Anyone know how I can find out if it is compatible? Ive tried the Toshiba website and even emailed the customer service from the website with no joy. And is this drive new? Am I better off getting something else? Thanks.

Hi there. Take a look in this Thread: . Your Toshiba SHOULD be compatible with the 6650. You MAY have to do a Reverse ATA, either Firmware Flash OR Hardware (Soldering). I just did it on my Mitac 8050D and if you are just a little skilled with a Soldering Iron, it only takes 10 minutes. I think this drive is one of the best you can get at the moment (value for Money). I also tried, for a while, the LiteOn SOSW-852s which I also can recommend. It is easier to do the Reverse ATA switch with, bu I think the NEC burns a little bit better without errors.