NEC ND6650A compatibility problem

I have a dell 9300 with the slimline NEC ND6650A, when I burn a dvd onto ritek -R X8 media using nero the resulting disk is unreadable in a pioneer stand alone DVD player. Using the same blank DVD-R and also the same data (ripped from the burn DVD) and burning this using the pioneer 107D the disk plays perfect. Is anyone else having this kind of compatibility probelm? Does any one have any suggestions as to how I could fix this problem??

BTW the disk that was burnt in the NEC plays perectly well in my very old hiteker DVD player.

Visit and check your stand alone DVD players compatibility. :wink:

In general I would suggest you to use better media preferably DVD+R’s.
Ritek -R’s are known to cause problems with some burners.

Note. you got the answer about bitsetting in your latest post.