NEC ND6100A doesn't like 16x DVD+R

Hi everyone,

I’ve been given Dell laptop D800 with built in ND6100A DVD burner.
I’ve noticed few things with this machine:

  1. Doesn’t like any DVD+R faster than 8x
  2. Doesn’t burn DVD+DL (even though it should)
  3. Doesn’t burn DVD-R (ok, it is not supposed to)
  4. Audio CDs have “scratchy” noise in some parts

I don’t care much about audio CDs and there is plenty of DVD+R so lack of minus is not much of a issue. DL works on my other machine (desktop) and it’s very slow so I rarely use it even though it works. What I would really like is ability to use 16x DVD+R since that is pretty much all I see in stores these days. Any suggestions or I’m pretty much out of luck?



You might try flashing your drive with a NEC ND-6500A firmware. The ND-6100A firmware is probably quite old already and most of the newer media were not even available when this firmware was made.

Be sure to backup your firmware before flashing and that you use a firmware matching your drive’s IDE mode. On Dell laptops this should be a master / normal ATA firmware. This probably means that you should use a 2.** firmware (I’d try one of the available 2.25 versions).

In addition by using my Drive Converter, you should be able to turn your drive into a real ND-6500A that will also write to DVD-R media.

thank you Liggy

I downloaded and run drive converter (changed to ND6500A). works ok.
next thing, made backup of firmware and tried to run NECWinFlash.exe
with 225bt_rpc1.bin

rebooted and drive was recognized as ND6500A. tested reading, works ok (whew…) and then tried burning on first 16x media i got laying around.

it started normal but it soon became obvious that indiacated speed didn’t match percentage shown on progress bar :Z :confused: .

after 7 minutes it was still at %43 but it finished eventually and it was good copy :iagree:

Don’t care about the progress bars. They are often not calculated correctly because the drives start at low speeds and (in particular) slimline drives only read max. speed at the end of the disc.

With 8x it should take about 15 to 20 minutes to burn a disc on your drive.

You are right, DVD5 is done in about 15min, DVD9 in about 1/2h.

I am not sure if new laptops have faster drives but I’m pretty happy with this one - and very pleased with benefits of new firmware.

I can’t see any drawbacks, everything works great, in particular I’m happy to use 16x media, and even DL is finaly functional.
DL support seam to be missing in original firmware, i think it was version 104 or so - i’ve kicked it already. :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Thank you