NEC ND4551 problem

Hiya hopefully one of you will be able to help me.

I recently built my own pc and bought a ND4551 everything went well installed windows etc but now my pc doesn’t see the dvdrw, it wont even open when I have the IDE cable plugged in, if I unplug the IDE cable it opens but oviously the pc still can’t see it.

I’ve browsed around abit and have seen that flashing problems can cause this but I haven’t flashed it I downloaded the flashing program from these forums and it says it can’t find a device.

Any help would be welcome


Are you 100% sure that your IDE cable is attached correctly? Sounds to me like you need to rotate it by 180 degrees.

Flashing a drive that isn’t even correctly recognized?

NEVER ever do that.

I haven’t flashed it seeing as my pc can’t even detect it.

And no it’s not my IDE cable

Either it’s damaged or wrongly connected.

What kind of HDDs are you using SATA or IDE?
Even if it’s IDE, the IDE channel you are trying to connect your drive is the same as the HDDs or is it a secondary one?
If this is the case, and you say your cable is OK, did you check your BIOS settins to check if the channel is active?


As poster before you in his post# 5 says: did you check your BIOS settings to check if the channel is active? Do that and make sure the drive channel is active also look for indication right after booting process to see if bios recognizes the drive if not then you have problem either with your connect cable or your IDE connector is not working.