NEC ND4550A Region Free


Sorry if this subject has come up before, I have searched.

I have flashed with the ‘Original 1.07’ @

I also have ‘Region Killer’ running on my comp. But when trying to play Region 1 in my drive it says ‘Drive is set to Region2’. DISCinfo displays the drive as having version 1.07 running but there is still a ‘Lock Detected’.

Should I download a different utility from the above page, if so which one?

I thought 1.07 would take off the region setting.

Thank you for any help


Hi :slight_smile:
You should’ve used RPC1 version of the f/w 1.07
Download & try that.

What do i open the .bin file in RCP_1 with?

I have tried the original version at -

any help much appreciated…


Use Binflash here to flash the firmware. Just make sure you select the correct drive if you have other optical drives in the computer.


I’m very new to computers and I’m struggling to understand exactly what I should do with binflash. I’m running XP and an trying to update firmware to
the RCP1 version @

What exactly should I do at

Which download should I get?..win32?

Sorry if this is extremely amateur… I really want to be playing region1’s…

Also, after downloading firmware from

my DVD is showing it’s running 1.07 with ‘lock detected’ using DISCinfo. But WMP still says my drive is region 2.

Once again, any help much appreciated.


The flasher is included with L&D’s firmwares. No need to download binflash separately.

Just download the rpc1 version at their site and launch the .exe package. That’s a no-brainer. :cool:

That’s not true. For instance, the firmware at:

has no .exe - it’s a .bin and has no flasher included…

I suppose you’re referring to the ones with customized write strategies, like the one at:

It appears that RufusW wants to keep the original write strategies, so he needs to use binflash or other flasher…

Oooooops, sorry :o - I think you’re right :iagree:

Download Binflash Win32 GUI
Run Binflash and select your drive, then click on Flash. Locate the .BIN on your system which you downloaded, and OK the flash process.
Make sure there is no disc in your drive before trying to flash.

sorry guys,

I downloaded binflash with win32. However, when trying to open the file it just opens for a split second then closes again, same if I try to run it from the start menu…

Any ideas?


once again, any help much appreciated

You need the WIN32 GUI if you wish to run it from XP. Win32 opens a DOS box so you need to send it commands, while Win32 GUI will run as a Windows application :wink:


DISCinfo - “No Lock Detected”!!!


Cool, tbh I actually managed to play region 1’s before (using DVD43) but I’m sure this is going to help loads with ripping etc…

Can I just say - this resource is amazing!!!

Thanks for the help guys + gals :slight_smile: