NEC ND4550 Problem

I purchased one of these drives earlier in the week, I had lots of problems as when i was burning a dvd in any software it just failed. I returned this to the shop i purchased from and have just been given another drive which does exactly the same!

Is there any known issues? i have searched but maybe I should have certain versions of software etc…

help would be muchly appreciated :slight_smile:

Exactly what for problems? Some more details

the jist of it is that when i try and burn any dvd disk whether it be .iso or data too a dvd then it just displays an error message within the software and never goes any further.

When burning anything too a cdr then its fine.

:confused: Please be more precise if you want us to help!

>What software?
>What error exactly (actual error message)?
>Exact steps you’re taking?
>Did you have another burner before in the same machine or is it your first burner?
>IDE position (master, slave, which IDE channel)?
>Brand/model/rated speed of DVDR discs used?

i’d bet that the 4550 is so new the software doesn’t support it yet…try the newer nero 7 and it might do the trick or wait a few weeks until newer versions of the software you use comes out and the 4550 will be included in the newest versions.

No problem with the 4550/4551 support in nero :slight_smile: Made several DVSD discs with Nero and my 4550 drive and they are all good to go :clap:

You don’t post what your OS / hardware / burning software are. This makes it difficult to determine what’s causing the error.

You MUST use a proper burning program to be able to burn DVDs!

I am using nero on windows xp sp2 with a amd 2800+ 512mb ram

The only dvd disks I have are princo.

Over the weekend I have tried several solutions, i managed to burn a dvd as long as it seems the files aren’t too big in size, i managed to burn up to 100mb ok but after that it says scsi command aborted.

That’s your problem. Princo = :Z

Liggy was faster than me :wink:

Princo discs are among the worse discs you can buy. If you want good results wih your burner, buy discs from “real” brands, like Verbatim, Sony, TDK, Maxell… or go for the best and find unbranded Taiyo Yuden discs on the net. :wink: