NEC-ND3550A, Win2K, reeding DVD/CD with bad sectors stucks explorer amd the system eventually




I have a Windows 2000 system and the NEC-ND3550A (as bought in 2005 without any update). Sometimes when I copy a file from DVD/CD(s) included with magazines (and which probably have bad sectors) the “Copying …” window alert freezes but the same happens also with explorer. I cannot launch a new program and cannot even start task manager (or if I manage to start it I cannot do anything useful). Eventually the system is soon useless and I have to reboot.
What do you advise to avoid this nightmare (ex. firmware/driver update) ?




Are your burner and your hdd connected to the same IDE channel (same cable)? In this case the IDE bus could be locked while the drive tries to read the bad sector.



I think I used a separate channel cable when installed, but I am not sure.
Allow me 1-2 days to open the box, check and reply !




Hi, I checked the cables and the situation is: 1. one IDE channel for two hard disks. 2. one IDE channel for the NEC-ND3550A alone. So your idea probably does not hold. Regards, E.Sarmas


Maybe you could replace the cable from/to the burner.