NEC ND3550A quality scan

Hi all, I received my new NEC ND3550A burner in substitution of a LiteOn 1653s, and I was wondering about quality scans capability of this burner, so I tried to scan a Memorex (CMC MAG AE1) disc burned at 8x.

These are the results:

There are too many pies for our tastes, isn’t it true?

The same scan with the old LiteOn 1653s (and burn process with a LG GSA4163B) gave this result:

The firmware version is 1.04, not the latest 1.05.

I also created an ECC block size registry key for Nero CD-Speed, putting the value of 1 to reflect the behaviour of the LiteOn as FAQ said, but there still are differences.

Anyone can explain me why this huge difference?

Thank you for the patience!


Loks like NEC messed with the scanning abilities of their new drives. From what I see the 3550 has the same problem as the 4550, which is to report incredibly high PIE levels, about 8X to 10X what a 3540A reports!

Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

The 4550 is also useless because it’s not reporting in a consistant fashion, I mean it gives very different results from scan to scan with the same disc. Could you check this with the 3550 if you have some time? Thanks…

I made another scan of the same disc above and these are the results:

First scan:

Second scan:

With latest scan PIE quantity is much more than previous scan, and also there are some more PIFs.

Both scans were made with block size of 1 ECC.

To do a compare I also made a scan of a pressed dual layer video disc (The Attack of The Clones) with block size of 8 ECC:

Thank you.
It seems that this drive attracts cmc.mag.ae1 media :wink:

I really hope that this drive is as good as the ND-4550. Because i can only find the ND-3550 here.

Thanks for having taken the time to perform these scans :slight_smile: - (please consider using the “manage attachments” feature of the forum, so we can see the pictures without using links, which is more convenient).

OK so now it’s a certitude that the 3550 and the 4550 have the same annoying scanning behaviour. :frowning: - which is logical, these are probably the same drives, the 4550 only adding RAM support. :confused:

I’m not happy that NEC messed up with the scanning abilities of their new drives. I loved the 3540A as a scanner, I hoped it was a new trend with NEC but sadly the 3540A was only an exception. :a

But the 4550A is a great burner, much better than the 3540A, so maybe the 3550 too…? Someone will have to perform scans on a Benq/LiteOn of 3550 burns…

As a curiosity I made also two DTR tests on those discs I told about in the first post of the thread to see the reading curve and got these results:

Burned with LG 4163B and scanned with NEC ND-3550A:

Burned and scanned with NEC ND-3550A:

:eek: Uh! Big problem! Check your DMA settings!! :eek:

Unfortunately DMA is ok. :frowning:

I tried also a Verbatim 4x DVD-R (MCC 01RG20) and the behaviour is the same. I think there are some reading problems at high speeds with this drive.

I also hope this is a firmware problem, maybe I’ll try also with version 1.05.

Flashed the drive with 1.05, but again reading curve looks like an earthquake :a

I think this is a defective drive, then. This behaviour is definitly not normal.

Even my 4550A that is quite picky doesn’t show such perturbed reading curves. :disagree:

Uhm… after some tests Nero CD Speed noticed me that burst speed is only 13 MB/s, and this is too low for reading DVDs at full 16x speed (16x is around 22 MB/s).

This also explains why after 10x (10x is approximately 13 MB/s) things are going bad on those graphs… looks definitely like an interface problem!

The problem is definitely not the drive, but the interface. Investigations tell that the interface does not like very much s2k bus disconnect patch for athlon processor, in fact disabling this option burst rate goes up to 22 MB/s and reading curve is perfect. :bigsmile:

Turning back in topic, bad PIE levels are still around with this 3550 :sad:

Glad to hear you solved this issue :bigsmile: -

I’ll try to remember this, could explain some other guys’ similar issues I’ve came across on this board actually! :clap:

About scanning abilities I think it’s settled: new NEC drives (3550/4550/4551) are awful scanners… :frowning: