Nec nd3550a problems



Good evening to everyone.Please help me.I have bought the NEC 3550A dvd writer about 10 months ago.Everything was fine before but now when i insert a disk it cannot read dvd or cd,cannot open blank or burned one.When i insert a burned disk it says that the file is corrupted and windows cannot read whilst after burning is finished the software says that everything was fine.(i am using alcohol and nero).Do you know what to do?Also on My Computer folder the device is referred as cd rom drive not dvd one.
Thanks in advance


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Sounds like a badly seated or damaged IDE cable to me, or a drive going nuts because of bad PSU. Un-connect and re-connect the IDE cable both at the drive and the motherboard, see if it helps. Try another IDE cable (80-conductor DMA). Did you have any other issues with your PC lately? If so, could be that your PSU has damaged the drive.


Thank you for the response.Today i installed isobuster and it found all the files of a recently burned dvd.But when i try to open the dvd normally it says that windows cannot read the disc “files may be corrupted”.???Any ideas?Do you think that formatting the pc will solve the problem?


Sorry for the late reply. You’ d better check the cable thing before anything else.
Also check DMA for the drive (link in my sig).

the device is referred as cd rom drive not dvd one.
Forgot this input of yours.
Actually it’s 100% normal, it’s a Windows 98/XP quirk. It never, ever mentions a DVD drive as such. :rolleyes:


thanks i’ll try


i bought new cable but unfortunately nothing my friend.
also i tried for dma but nothing again.
i don;t know what to do


You can connect the drive in another pc, and see if that helps, btw, alcohol & daemon tools are known for the troubles they create, you can try to unistall the alcochol, and use the drive with the m$ ide drivers, see if that hepls.