NEC ND3550A or NEC ND3550 ? whats the diffrent

hi there,

i want to buy a new DVD burner and i decided to buy NEC ND3550 .

i saw in the shops and sites that there are to models how looks the same,

one of them is called NEC ND3550A and the other is NEC ND3550.

the one with the A is more expensive on 4.5$

my friend have the NEC ND3550A and on the DVD Burner is written NEC ND3550A

whats is this A ?

is it matters?

i also saw that the burner with the A have 1 year warrenty and the one without the A have 2 years…

can you please let me know how is better one and whats the different?

Tnx a lot and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Same drive, same hardware.

In europe such good have 2 years warranty, even online bought, e.g. in usa only 1 year IIRC.

A is just an additional letter but the drives don’t differ. I’d go for the one without the A - in particular since it’s cheaper and has an additional year of warranty


tnx the 2 of you

you really help me :slight_smile:

and one more question…

does the RPC1 firmware for 3550A will match the 3550 also?

(i guess it will… i just wanna be sure)

tnx again :slight_smile:

Since there’s no difference between 3550 and 3550A - make your guess :wink:

tnx a lot :slight_smile:

you have a really great site and forum!

helps me a lot