Nec ND3550 VS NEC4550

Hello everyone,

I am not interrested in the 3551 and 4551, since I will not use this LabelFlash thinggy :slight_smile:

Other than the ND4550 can read/write DVD-RAM is there any differences between these 2 drives ? They seem pretty much the same !

Nec ND3550 vs NEC4550

I will also not use RAM disks, so I guess, on the market, right now the best drive for me would be the ND3550 ?

I have the Dell OEM NEC-3450a which I am very happy with.
Just looking for an other one, that will support PI/PI Scanning !

Thank you !

Yes 3550 is the same as 4550 minus the RAM support, therefore if a new mod firmware comes out for either the other tends to follow very quickly

That is not enough and not suitable as pointed out before by Liggy countless times. :confused:

I’m sure that BrockLanders is just pointing out, that because the 3550 and 4550 are almost identical, any firmware updates to one model will be shortly followed by similar firmware updates for the other model (unless it’s only an update for DVD-RAM).

It isn’t yet another request for a 3550 -> 4550 crossflash if that’s what you’re objecting to. :disagree:

Good, if it was meant so then I’ve understood it incorrectly. Sorry, I’m just human and my native language is not english. :slight_smile:

Supply with modified firmwares usually depends on availability of NEC’s original firmwares. And if firmwares are available, Dee and I have to be in the mood for patching :wink:

Yep sorry I meant nothing about crossflashing and just pointing out we get the best write strategies of the firmwares between the 3550/3551/4550/4551

I just wish someone could make a firmware that would enable scanning on the 4550, its a horrid scanner.

That’s valid for all the latest NEC drives. They are not the best scanners, but from what everyone is saying, they are excellent burners. I don’t think a different firmware will be able to improve the scanning capabilities.

Thanks Liggy, I have found that all the discs play perfectly, but saying they are not the best scanners in giving them too much credit, they are horrid, I get a big spike that brings the scan to 30 at the layer break when scanning a disc burned at 16X scanning at 8ECC, when trying to scan them on a BenQ drive the result is different but just as bad, I guess that is the reason we are not seeing any 4550 scans on the forum. Thanks for your response.

I there,

I live in Canada, and there was a $10.00can Mail In Rebate also, so I just ordered myself this burner (NEC-3550a) :clap:

I looked around the area, and online, and it was a good price, specialy with the Mail In Rebate, I hope to get by 2010 :eek: HAHAHA !!!

I already own a Dell OEM NEC-3450A which I am very happy with, but this new NEC-3550A might RIP a little faster, will support 12x and 16x on my TYG03 and will support PI/PO Scanning. :iagree:

Thanks for your input CDFREAKS Freaks :bigsmile:

Hi again,

Is the NEC-355x and the 455x RIPLOCKED at 5x like my Dell OEM NEC-3450a ?

I can’t to get my 3550a I just ordered and run some PI/PO Scanning and test the ripping speed (With original firmware)…

Not sure about the 4550, but the posts here have indicated that the 3550 is not locked.

Liggy has a FW for the 3450! RIPLOCKED removed!

4550 is good to go!

Then buy a BenQ. The NEC 355x/455x are totally useless for scanning. If you still insist on the NEC, because it’s a great burner, just rely on it and don’t bother for testing. I for myself would go for the 455x, because here in Holland, they’re almost equally priced. And besides the RAM, the 4551 has some other advantages (max. read speed, all models are riplock-free with stock firmware).