NEC ND3550 scan (is this bad?)

Does this look like a good scan to you?

That’s OK , but scan on the NECs at the more reliable 5x & it’ll be better.

Are those PI errors and PI failures normal? Do they seem kind of high? I don’t get it, the errors seem to be high(too high) but the quality score is 94(sounds good but I don’t know). I will scan on 5x speed this time.

Also, switch to 1ECC scanning in Advanced. :slight_smile:

With 5x speed and 1 ECC selected, this is what I got… For some reason the quality is down to 90 now. Does this look good or not?

The MAX speed seems to be more accurate for your NEC.
According to Drage’s findings, the optimal NEC scanning speed varies not only from model to model, but also from drive to drive.
Continue scanning at MAX.

Ok another question. Is this tool just to find the quality of the disc, or the quality of what was burnt on the DVD?

It shows the readability of the current DVD to the drive which is used for scanning :slight_smile:
The readability is depending on a lot of things (burner used, disc quality (reflectivity, stability…)…).

Yep. IMHO this makes it counter-productive to try to enforce a single scanning speed for these drives, so I just suggest that people find a scanning speed that works with their particular NEC/Optiarc drive.

Continue scanning at MAX.
…or try scanning at 12x which works better for me on my NEC 4551 and Optiarc 7173.