NEC ND3550 problems (PLEASE HELP!)

Has anybody here tried ripping an audio CD with a ND3550? Mine sucks for ripping and it usually never finishes ripping an entire CD, my drive usually slows down after ripping a few tracks and all I get are errors. Also, my burner seems to take quite a while to read discs, it takes a lot longer to read a disc than my old burner, my old burner was just a CD burner though. Do CD burners read discs quicker than DVD burners or is there something wrong with my NEC? One last thing, when I insert a disc in this burner a little CD appears beside my mouse icon for a couple seconds (is this normal?). It never did this with my old burner(CD burner). Please, if any of you guys out there have an NEC ND3550 tell me if you get any of these problems or if you have heard of any of them. BTW I have the latest firmware for my drive.

Crossflash that horrible 3550 to a nice 4551. It will void your warranty and you must READ to learn how to do it… :slight_smile:

Go to and download the 4551 1-08 Bitsetting firmware after the crossflash and flash your “new” drive.

With the 4551 you will get DVD-RAM and Labelflash. :smiley:

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Please tell me if the crossflash resolved your problem or not… if the problem is in the hardware then there`s nothing to do…

My drive was build in March 2006…can’t x-flash.

Crossflashing won’t help anyway. The latest 3550/4550 and 4551 firmwares all seem to share the same codebase - with the only difference being DVD-RAM / Labelflash support

The little CD mext to your mouse cursor is just your media loading, this is completely normal. Not burning correctly could be media or your CD burner may be going bad, I have had mine for 9 months and have never had a problem with DVD’s or CD’s. Does your burner work with DVD writing or is just CD’s.

Nothing wrong with your drive, and crossflashing won’t improve it any.

For some reason, NECs just suck at audio ripping. I didn’t realize this until I started to re-do my audio collection as FLAC. I eventually used a different drive for the rips.

If you have patients, and leave the jitter correction turned on, you will eventually get a rip, but, yeah, you’re right… It takes a while…

It now seems that my drive does a crappy job of doing everything. It sucks at ripping (it slows down and won’t rip half the time), it doesn’t burn media at 16x speed on 16x Verbatim’s (it almost reaches 16x but then it slows down), it doesn’t seem to read CD’s or DVD’s very good, sometimes it will slow down and won’t speed up again… Can someone tell me if this is normal or should I return the piece of crap? I have the latest firmware for it BTW. I’ve owned this drive for about a month now and was wondering if I’d be able to get a refund for it. If anybody here can recommend a better drive for me (preferably a plextor) let me know what to get. Thanks. BTW, I’ve only used IMGburn for burning stuff, is it normal for it to not be able to burn at 16x speed on Verbatim blank 16x DVD+R’s?

I have the NEC ND3550A and can only burn DVDs at 1X or 2X.It makes no difference what media I use,I’ve tried many.Firmware was updated,DMA checked,I give up.Any other ideas or suggestions?

Do you have a 40 or 80 wire connector? It should be a 80 wire , that may be your problem.

I’m not sure,the Pioneer that came with the computer quit and I bought this one,pluged it in and off I went. Does a 40 plug right in to a 80? I didn’t know about this.

Yes, the pins are the same. If it is an older system and burner it probably is a 40 wire. The 80 wire I believe is gray with a thin blue line down the side. Maybe someone could verify that. The one thing for sure is you need the 80 wire connector for good operation.

Thanks for your help.I hope I can pick your brain again.I had a Nero log read and they said everything looked good,yet the burn did not happen as I was trying to burn at 4X.I can only burn regardless of the program I use at 1X or 2X.Does this point towards the burner being bad?

My NEC is acting up too. I have been burning with nero, burns fine, but wont read the disk after it is reloaded. My other drive reads it fine(new ASUS, which is LG i believe, dunno model, just got it), and scan of disk is excellent(TYG03), reads fine, copies fine, 3550@4551 w/L&D’s firmware, have only burned maybe 50 disks max, any thoughts? i cleaned the drive and all that stuff before you ask. Im lost and having problems with search function as well, it must not like several word strings…

I’m tired of asking questions about this thing (NEC-ND3550A).It doesn’t burn any faster than 1X or 2X regardless of what program I’m using.A Nero error log was read and they said it was ok,but it didn’t burn.(I was trying it at 4X) Confusing to me,if the error log is ok,but the burn doesn’t happen,what the heck does that mean.I’m just assuming the burner is bad.Then I get in over my head,I had someone somwhere mention ASPI,so I run a program that checks ASPI and it says there are none installed.I feel like I’m in quicksand and I’m sinking fast.If anyone wants to confuse a old man more,go ahead and comment.Jee whiz,I used to wake up and my biggest problem was if I’d have a BM today.Why oh why did my kids buy me this thing.


Are you using Master/Slave or Cable select jumper settings?

If you’ve set it to ,say, Master, & it’s not on the end connection or Slave & it’s not on the middle connection then on some systems strange things can happen, including very slow burning.

I replaced the one that came with this computer when it quit working.The way the old one came out is the way the new one went in.With the original burner (Pioneer) I could burn at any speed,the computer read the dvd.Then it to started to only burn at the 1X or 2X speed so I replaced it.This new one (NEC ND3550A) will also only burn at these slow speeds.So on one hand I think the burner is bad and on the other hand I still think it’s something else that’s causing this.I’ve been through all the usuall things people tell me to check.Connections,DMA and media plus a few others.Everything always checks out ok,so I go back to the thought of the burner being bad.Can you comment on the fact the Nero error log checks out ok,but it will not burn at anything above the 2X speed.Thanks a ton for taking the time to help out,I appreciate the help.

Install any software about the time the burning slowed?

Do you run task manager to see what CPU is being used when burning? And how about free memory?

CPU is good,memory is good,just tried the force aspi d/l,but that didn’t help.I think I’m at the end of the line.I either just stay put and burn at 1X or2X or buy a new burner and hope that solves the problem.Anything else you can think of?

Just for the heck of it I ran Image Burn at 16X in the “test mode.” The burner ran right through the ISO file perfectly.Then I tried to burn the file and the error pops up,no burn.Another thing is I can’t shut Image Burn off.I can try to exit the program,but the burner just whirls away and Image Burn refuses to shut off.The exact same thing happens in Decrypter.If I want to exit either program,I have to do a hard shutdown of the computer.Does anyone have any thoughts,ideas or comments on this? Please I would love to read some comments.