NEC ND3540a Write Problem

I’m having a problem with my ND3540a since a few days not writing/cleaning any kind of media. Nero gives me error’s like illigal disk etc. when erasing a r/w. Reading media doesnt give problems at all… I tried other software/other cd’s/tried switching the flatcable it is on etc; just no clue.
Help me out please :slight_smile:

note: i am running the latest official firmware 1.04

Use DVDInfoPro!

It couldn’t hurt to install the latest ASPI

I’ll try dvdinfopro, but what use will ASPI have if im not into setting up/ modifiying own drivers? Thanks.

ASPI has nothing to do with setting up or modifying “own” drivers. :disagree:

Read about them at these links:

Get them here if you’d like: