NEC ND3540A DVD+R DL burn failure

Hey ppl,

Want to take a moment to ask little something…
I recently bought a batch of DL discs. Branded Mediarange with media code ROCOHJPN-D00-001.

When trying to burn in my ND3540A they fail with an …cannot complete… error (sorry, don’t remember the whole error). Upon checking I was using Dee’s 1.w6 firmware. Updated to Dee’s ND3540 1.WB modified Firmware (latest) and tried again, failed again with a notion that the second layer could not be written…

Wrecked 3 discs trying to burn with Nero and ImgBurn. My conclusion is that the ND3540 and those RICOHJPN-D00-001 discs don’t go well together.

Now, I recently bought a OptiArc 7170 burner end plan to put that into my system today. Any chance that the RICOHJPN-D00-001 discs will burn better on that drive?

(And yes, I could buy Verbatim media, but first, I don’t always have the cash for it and second, there seem to be lots of people who are able to burn these cheaper ones…)

Use Verbatim DL or you’ll get lways issues with DL media.

Read around, it were asked and answered many times why those discs should be avoided.


When I have the money, I will think about using Verbatim! :slight_smile:

For now, my Mediarange discs are doing just fine, as long as I burn them in my OptiArc 7170 (with Dee’s o4 FW).

Just my two cents tho, seems like good and steady burns also, 3 discs in a row ruined with the 3540, 3 discs in a row burned and verified 100% with 7170! :cool: