NEC ND3520A + Mini DVD Princo = Problem

Hi all
i have a problem with media, so i bought on nierle some Mini dvdr-r Princo and big problem my nec3520a don’t recognize it !!

some picture :

Nero version

someone had ever succesfully burn it correctly ???

What firmware ust i use ?? at this time i’m with 1.04 update 8 from

Can some send to me by email or send me a link for correct firmware , or only what file to download and upgrade :smiley:
i had bought 50 Mini dvd-r so i’ll be sad if i can’t burn it and send it to recycle !!

thanxs very much , if you need much information about dvd-r to add in the firmware , ask me :smiley:

I’m french guy so excuse for my grammatical english :smiley:

But you some cork sheets at hardware store, cut round pieces the size of the Princo discs, glue these to the top or bottom of the discs. Now you have some cute little coasters for your drinks. Thats the best advice I can give you for making something usefull out of princo discs.

lol. Are there any good mini-DVD out there? Brands?