NEC nd3520a in external enclosure



Does the NEC nd3520a have any problems working in an external enclosure? ie, a USB2.0 connection. i know certain drives don’t have firmware that supports problems with externals.


It has been my experience that the transfer of data limits the burning speed of external dvd writers, but it may have been the burners themselves causing the problems with higher write speeds. If you only use 4x, you should not have many problems, I tried 8x and USB 2.0 with a Benq and a cheaper brand and had to scale back to 4x.


ok well thats not too bad, speed isn’t all that matters to me
thanks for the reply


I’m using it in a generic USB/Firewire case and am well pleased with speed using USB 2.0.
But you’ll not be able to reflash BIOS with a USB connection; Firewire permits reflashing. If the case doesn’t provide Firewire, you’ll have to put it in a computer using the standard IDE connection - a major PITA, IMO.