NEC-ND3520A: DVD+R 16x burns at only 4x. WHY?

Hi folks,
Guess this is an easy thing for you :wink:
Bought 10 pcs of Fujifilm DVD+R 16X but NERO ( refuses
to let it be burned with anything higher than 4x.
(The 3520 should be capable of 16x according to spec.
How to solve that annoying problem?

Use DVD Identifier to see the manufacturer & media IDs and post them here. And the firmware version of your recorder would be a quite useful piece info :iagree:

One of these maybe:

It could be a FUJIFILM code too, but we don’t know for sure :frowning:

Why don’t you try to update nero to latest version

That would be a good start. :wink:

What version firmware is on that NEC 3520A? Different versions support different mediacodes at different speeds. It might be an old version that doesn’t recognize the newer media code and defaults to only 4x then. A newer firmware might add full 16x speed support for it.

Great folks you´re the best!
A firmware update solved that problem.
Just never thought that should be needed when using the burner within its spec.
Thought “DVD+R 16x” was the standard and manufacturer didn’t matter.

(Thank God I can call my friend who bought the latest
Nokia without flashing new firmware into my Motorola.)


I like that. :bigsmile:

Funny, I DID have to flash my Motorola to call my Nokia friends. :smiley:

To be fair, I did that to unlock my Cingular phone so it would work with an AT&T SIM (after I bought a new phone and did not want to upgrade to more expensive Cingular service to use it), but it’s funny nonetheless