Nec nd3520a dvd problem

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3520A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi there everybody

i have been running an nec nd-3520a dvd r as well as a freecomd RW8J9dvd writer for some time now (both internal drives) but suddenly they have both stopped reading discs (no discs at all work), i dont believe this to be a hardware fault as the chances of both drives stopping at the same time is slim, i am hoping it maybe a software fault, can anyone help?

the drives seem to be clicking when trying to read but not coming up with anything

i have not installed any new software that may conflict with it at all and both drives still burn discs ok.

i am running an emachines 5260 with 1gb of ram, a 250gb hard drive and windows xp home

many thanks for any help you guys can give me


just tried burning some cd’s and now the drives wont read blank cd’s, i burnt some cd’s off a couple of weeks ago so they were reading blanks then but ive had the original problem for ages, im confused :confused:

If they are neither reading nor writing to any type of media, you may have a hardware problem after all. If they are both on the same IDE cable, you might want to try a new 80 wire cable.

Check Device Manager to see if you have any indications of trouble there…for both the optical drives and the IDE controller.

The drives do show up in My Computer yes? Can you put in a dvd or cd and right click on the drive and explore the disk?

More people may post a few more ideas, so keep looking in.

hi kerry thanks for the reply

both the drives are showing up in the device manager and there are two primary ide channnels and 1 secondry ide channel showing (all seem to have no problems that i can see)

when i put a disk in and right click explore a blank page comes up (no error messages) of the disc with no data on it, when the drive is trying to read the disc the little cd icon just flashes a few times and nothing happens

i will pick up a 80 wire cable tomorrow and see if that sorts it


bought an ide cable today but nothing has changed

i have also done a system restore to before christmas, which is when i last burnt some cd’s but both drives still wont work

any ideas anyone?

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