NEC-ND3520A and Ritek Ridata 16x (R04)



Sorry if this has been answered but will using the modified firmware allow me to burn these at 16X or at least faster than 4X? Also does the modified firmware work in the states? I would like to still watch Region 1 DVD’s on here. :smiley:


Thanks guys I flashed with the newest modified firmware! Thank you thank you to the creator! I was sick when I bought these 16x ritek and they only would burn at 4. Well now they are 16 again! :slight_smile:


Just be careful with those R04 media, some of them do not burn well at 16X :slight_smile:


infact, most of them dun burn well.
an example on iodata orig f/w 3.22


Well so far 2 successes and no frisbies! 48 discs to go. :slight_smile:


the burn will be successful. juz that you shall expect the readback curve as above


As long as they read okay I don’t care…


Well, I just got a 100 pack of Ritek 16x R04 and they are garbage!

Using the modified firmware 1.UC they write @ 16x and Nero reports that they verify OK. But no drive I can find will play them back without freezing. Not even the drive that wrote and verified them!

Junk! Stay away from R04’s!


I decided to get some Verbatim 16X and I have the RiData sitting here collecting dust. PC66 how long before the computer locks when reading a RiData?


The movie I burned is about 2 hours long, and it consistantly locks up right around the 1:30 mark.


Could just be a bad burn. I just tested some I burned at 16x and they worked great on my laptop DVD-ROM. The firmware I burned these with were beta 8. I wonder if the media code was “tweaked” since then?


I agree with PC66. R04s are pretty sad. Fortuately, I only bought 25.


I bought 50 :frowning: I just bought 225 of the Verbatim MCC-004’s +R they seems pretty decent.


I just got in 100 of these, only cost 32 cents each after the rebate at NewEgg. I also just got in a brand new Nec 3520, and this is the first burn on the new drive. The scan was at 1 ECC, 5x speed. Except for the one spike, the PIF numbers didn’t look bad at all. The transfer test tells a different story. Stand by for some tests of this disc on the Benq 1620.


And here are tests of the same disc in the Benq 1620. The Benq liked this disc better than the Nec 3520, but I think this is going to be 12x media.