NEC ND3520A 16x DVD R/RW Dual Layer OEM

NEC ND3520A 16x DVD R/RW Dual Layer Internal Silver - OEM

After having a nightmare with LITE-ON drives im thinking about getting an NEC drive (as a few of my mates recommended them for me). Anyway i was thinking about getting the one (as mentioned above) - would this be a wise choise? i.e is it a realiable burner etc?


I too had a nightmare with Lite-on but since switching to a Nec-3520 everything has been fine so IMHO YES!

heh, thanks for the input - at least i know now im not alone with the nightmarish LITE-ON drives :slight_smile:

So I see, a do good, if I sold my Lite-On, and bought a Nec 3520A, :smiley:
Hey guys could you tell me what firmware are you using currently

i always use the latest one by Liggy and Dee

Liteon DVD burners are great for +R writing. Don’t expect anything for -R writing. I had a 411s, 851s and 832s. They were solid for +R and sucked for -R. Since I have players that only use -R, Liteon was no good for me.

I bought a NEC 3500a in the fall. I loved it so much that I got a NEC 3520a around Thanksgiving and just last week got another NEC 3520a.

I will only use Liteon’s for EFM encoding.


Hi guys
Had any of you guys used the new fw 3.04, and one question, what disc s, are you using for dvd -r burn, I am using eProformance, I think the manufacturer is Prodisc
Good going NEC, I m awaiting the official firmware, released on the 1.May