NEC ND3520 & Bulkpaq 4x orange

Hi there

having problems (surprise surprise) with my new ND3520.

Ok, ok, I’m using Bulkpaq, but for the record, for all the problems I see people having with bulkpaq, I have now purchased 3 x 25 cakeboxes of them and have only ever had 2 burn failures. Now up until I’d bought this ND3520, I burnt everything on my Laptops 2x Matsushi drive.

Bulkpaq DVD’s which were burnt in the Matsushi can be read on the ND3520.

The ND3520 will write to the Bulkpaq’s at 4x but then: It won’t read from the DVD’s it just burnt. If I go put the Disc into my stand alone DVD player, it plays fine. Does that not seem weird to anyone else? Is this a defect in the ND3520?

Anyone got any advice for me?

Much appreciated

The Jim

Yeah that’s interesting but this isn’t a freshly opened pack, these discs are burning fine in the Matsushi drive?


The solution is simple: Don’t use this crap media on your NEC! :wink:
You are lucky you own another drive that is able to burn them at all!

There is enough cheap media your NEC can burn without problems, but don’t expect everything to work! Some crap media will probably never be optimized by the NEC engineers and if the default strategy is not good enough, don’t use this media!

Good and not expensive media is (IMO) for example:


perhaps a media swap is what’s needed


It does seem to me that the problem is with the NEC unit not the media, as the NEC is able to read discs which have been written on the Matsushi.

Added to this the Matsushi and the DVD Player unit can read discs written in 4x by the NEC it’s the NEC that fails to read discs it itself has written.

I’m currently testing burning in 2x.

I guess I will switch to faster/different media in future though I don’t particularly think there’s much wrong with bulkpaq.

not much right with them eather, in the 12months that i`ve been on cdfreaks bulkpaq has been proven time and time again to be usuless crap.

crap in = crap out.

Let’s use common sense. Some drives are capable of reading BAD media.

So you purchased the BulkCrap because of the price? Enuff said.

If the data is there on the disc doesn’t that imply that the media isn’t bad, but the device is bad because it can’t read it? …hell, what would I know about common sense?

The NEC writers doesn’t have as good error correction as some other drives have, so discs that are far out of standard by exceeding the maximum tolerable error rates can’t be read anymore.
This is a sign that BURN quality on these media types is very questionable…

A disc that has errors within the standards (see media forum) can be read by NEC writers without problems, too! :wink:

I wouldnt bet a penny on that statement… :sad:

Theres allways an exception i guess im it.
Ive use bulpaq orange dvdrs for a while and allthought im changing the media i use ive still got a few of them left.
Ive had a few problems with the media untill i updated my firmware with the liggy and dees which can be found on this forum.
And they burn perfectly. Even though there rated at 4X i can burn them at 8X with no problems.
Guess its luck of the draw.