NEC ND3500ag burns only 4x with Ridata 8x dvd-r

I can’t get my nec nd-3500ag to burn faster than 4x with ridata 8x dvd-r.

The mediacode on ridata is g05 and the firmware is the original 2.16.
Nero sais that “source data is to slow” but the hdd is defragged and is capable of deliver 40mb/s according to sisoft sandra.

The dvd is master on the second ide-channel and i’ve tried to burn from both disks (master on channel 1 and slave on channel 2) and the result is the same. Only 4x. Dma is on for all drives.


cpu: Athlon xp 1900+
ram: 512mb cas2 sdram
mobo: abit kt7a v1.0
disk: 120gb seagate 7.200 and 250gb maxtor maxline plus II

Is it really necessary to flash the firmware to 2.18? The warranty will be voided…

You will not woid the warranty by flashing to the official 2.18.

But I thin NEC limited ritek 8x DVD-R (Ritek.G05) and DVD+R(Ritek.R03) to 4x due to quality problems with these media types.

Try other media :wink:

Unfortunately i bought a 100-pack of them… :sad:

flash with liggy and dee 2.18_r3. I just started my second spindle of G05. They work perfectly with 3500AG. I archived 12X speed.

I have ritek g05 and firmware 2.16 and i do not have any problems burning at 8x.
The problem it’s not the media. I think…

Try flashing your drive with the firmware at the below link. It bumped my speed from 8x with Ritek 8X +R to 12X:


My experience was that the Ritek 8x -R (G05) should be burned at 8x in the 3500 for your best burn - they do not respond to well to the faster speed IMHO


Test the HDD-Speed with Nero itself and you will see how fast you can burn.
Selekt Copy CD/DVD and ind the Folder Image you can test your hdd-speed.