Nec nd3500a stopped burning?

Please help.

For a year this drive has worked a treat but tried to burn the other day and no joy. If I right click on (D:) which is the nec it descibes type: CD Drive. It appears to not recognise it as a dvd burner anymore. Under ‘hardware’ it lists it as dvd/cd-r but when I go into its properties I cannot find anything on it like dvd writing speeds etc. It only reffers to cd write speeds etc.`

It will still play any dvd but will not allow any burns?

Could it be a fault on the drive? I only have a few days left of warranty.

I have been doing a bit of tidying up to improve performance and wonder if I could have accidently removed something I should not have, like drivers or firmware. I have updated the driver and it says there is nothing more up to date so I dont think it is that. Perhaps it is one of those pesky updates that has messed things up!

Please can someone give any advice, as I am an improving amateur on the pc and want to be able to sort out my own problems and the only way is to utilise great forums like this one.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Welcome to forum

Must have been one of your M$ updates… :wink:

Download CD-DVD Speed, unzip in folder of choice.
Put a empty DVD disc in your burner, start the app, choose your burner (if you have more then one) and hit F9.
Tell us what happens.

many thanks for trying to help pinto2.

Have already got nero so ran the cd-dvd speed and seemed to run fine.

Avr speed 6.82

type Z-CLV

elapsed time 9:21

What do you think?

Everything is okay. It’s just Windoze playing games with you. Quite many members have reported the same; DVDRW shows up as CD drive/writer in explorer.

Get a decent burning application and burn DVD’s, NEC burn…

Thanks. I shall perservere.

I’m sure you’ll.

If you wanna see more funy windoze trix check out this thread (from our BenQ section). :wink: