NEC ND3500A or LG GSA4120B


I’m planning to buy a DVD burner and the question is which of these two.
The purpose is:

  1. Convert my camcorders’ DV and 8mm movies to the DVD format and
    watch them on the home DVD player
  2. Backup my PC staff, DVDs, … etc.

Both burners provide the same features, while the LG GSA4120B is a bit faster for reading:
Access time: (DVD-ROM) 120ms, (CD-R) 100ms
and the NEC ND3500A supports x16 burning.

The prices:
NEC ND3500A: ~ 86$
LG GSA4120B: ~ 98$

Which one should I buy?



Get the NEC ND-3500A(G)

Thanks for the reply.

Can explain why ?

Just saw LG GSA4160B (support x16)

Now it becomes even more complicated :slight_smile:

I have two systems,becouse I have been trying to see if there is any differances in AMD & P-4’s.
Computer 1,AMD-3000XP (Innovative water cooler 2.1/2,)(2,512-LL)-(Gigabyte 7NNXP-BIOS ver.F19)Chieftek full tower, 4 120Gig Maxtors,0+1,ATI9800-Pro video card,Antek clear500 Wat,blue lite power supply( 1 LG DVD 4082B,and 1 Nec,2510.
Computer 2 - P-4 2.8,800 4, 512 3500LL 1 180Gig Samsung SATA, ASUS P4C800-E and 1 LG 4081B & 1 Pionner 108,and TTGI 535 Wat Power supply
And they both screem,but the LG’s are the only one’s that as yet have not left me any costers,and at the price of DVD-,or+ R’s are still high.
So I will still recomend LG’s to any thing out there,and buy the they all have the latest fermware updates

I also agree with this
Cant comment on the LG but the NEC is an exellent drive


What’s the “(G)” extension ?