NEC-ND3500A inside Constar ST-2512C



My Nec nd-3500AG not recognized in case Constar ST-2512c (2xFirewire, 1xUSB, support ATA66/100/133) with Oxford 911 chipset.
I have upgrade “Oxford 911” in V4.0 and Nec firmware in v2.18 (all files and quides is from this excellence forum).
One remark, When I plug the external case at the power supply (not connected with the computer), the tray does not open.(This happen and before updates-firmware and Oxford).

Is this right? Namely is issue between case(Oxford) and NEC, right?

When plug firmware cable and unplug, and try this some times, finally the Led on NEC warm up and recognized from notebook.(HP pavilion, WinXP Pro, SP2)

Thanks and Happy new Year to all.


any answer? please?


Sounds like a bad external case.