Nec Nd3500a cannot read a dvd on this drive

I can read cd-r and write. I can also write to a dvd, but for some reason, I cannot read a dvd on this drive. It has been working fine in the past, but all of a sudden, it will function properly “except” reading any dvd.

Any help would be appreciated.

IF a burner can write a disc, it also can read one…

Open up devicemanager, uninstall the ide drivers and then restart.

Are you talking about the Primary IDE channel, the Secondary IDE channel ?

Both of them.

I tried uninstalling them both. I rebooted and they came back as they should. but no DVD’s willl read, only cd’s. It doesn’t make sense.

Did you notice this after making any significant software changes?

Only that I have WIndows Automatic updates on my system.
I am also updating on a regular basis, AnyDVD and recently Clone dvd2.

I don’t have a virus because McAfee does a regular update and scan and has found nothing.
I would buy a new drive, but it seems to me if it reads and writes cd-r and actually writes to a dvd using anydvd, it shouldn’t be mechanical.
Thanks for your help , too.

Do you have any other computers available to check out if it is the drive or the computer? Also try a different IDE cable and a different power connector. When you say you cannot read a DVD, what are you using to read and are they pressed or burned discs?