NEC ND3500 VS ND3520 which one to buy

I would like to hear your opinion on which one I should buy. I am thinking of the 3500 or 3520.
As far as i know the difference seems to be faster -+RW speeds and DVD-R DL upgradability on the 3520. On the other hand it seems the 3500 has many different types of modified firmware making it an interesting drive too…
Also i would like to ask if both drives let me overspeed on 4x DVD-R (DVD+R is not an option for me). All this in mind which is in your opionion the better choice?
Thanks in advance,

3520 is fresh… with the current firmware the drive is worse than 3500 in matters of burning on DVD±R… however that might change in the future…
Overspeeding depends on what disc you use.

With time there will be more firmwares for the 3520 as was the case for the 3500 drive. With the 1.24 firmware for the 3520 you get reasanable good results and auto bitsetting too.
Just give this new drive a change…

Well everything will focus on 3520 in the future… so I agree…

Default f/w enables bitsetting for +R discs?

no… the default firmware is 1.04 :slight_smile: 1.24 is from IO-DATA…

Thanks for the answers.

  1. About overspeeding: Mostly TY, Maxell, SONY, TDK and KIC 4x DVD-R Made in Japan Discs.
  2. The problem I am having is that i bought a LG-GSA-4163B on dec. 28th after the sales rep. at the shop told me that the LG drive is better at overspeeding 4x DVD-R than the NEC drives. Well I bought one and soon after installing the drive found out that the LG does not overspeed 4X blancs. So I will return the LG and get an NEC. The next thing is that the timelimit to change the drive is on the 5th of January (not much time left to decide which NEC). Now i dont want to get fooled by an unknowing sales rep. again…
    So any further information would be very helpful.

I had to decide between the 2, and got the 3500 in the end
cheaper and more firmwares to pick through.

I forgot to mention that i do not hesitate to use Hacked firmware on this drive. If a hacked Firmware improves write quality i would rather use that one instead of the official.
The scans with Liggy and Dees Beta 1 firmware for 3520 are looking promissing…
Still dont know which one to get…
I think ill get a IODATA rebaged one of those two drives (because of software it comes bundled with…lol)…

Get the 3520. :slight_smile:

If your in the USA then the 3520 cause it’s only $5 more or so on

3520 will start to have more firmware releases soon.

also, newegg currently have barely any 3500’s in stock (glad i got mine!)

I got the 3520. Yeah, in the future people will focus on the 3520 more in terms of firmware.

I like my 3520, Id go with it cause it can be found nearly the same price or only a few bucks more on sites like (if you live in US)

And now all we have to do is wait for some more firmware releases for this drive.

Anyone know if there is a user manual for the ND-3520A available out there? I found a reference on the FCC site but I haven’t figured out how to download it.

The only 4x dvd-r discs I have left are Verbatim (MCC01RG20) which overspeed to 8x or 12x with my NEC 3500. The only other 4x media on the NEC Official List which can overspeed are Pioneer and Taiyo Yuden.

My LG 4120 only overspeeds my 8x dvd+r media to 12x.

NEC official list is very incomplete…

True. It’s months old. Probably never updated?

It’s best to check the supported media codes and its speeds with NecDump.