NEC ND3500 just not burning at correct speeds

Got the 3500AG for christmas, popped it on in the computer, and it just hasn’t been performing at advertised speeds. At best, it burns at 2x and though I haven’t run tests, I’m reading (as far as ripping goes) as fast as my old dvd burner, an 8x reader.

Is this a common occurance? I’ve upgraded the firmware to 2.18 with no change in rip or burn speed. The only media i’ve had access to is this no-name spool of 4x i got from CompUSA - all white, a string of letters around the hole.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Do they have a MID in Nero InfoTool? Does Nero InfoTool report them as 4x? If so you might have to check you DMA settings. See the FAQ posted here.
I too have a cake of no-brand/no MID, the store receipt says 4x. They all burn at 2x and Nero InfoTool reports them all as 2x.
Every branded one I’ve used burns at the correct speed (or more with the correct fw ;)).

the MID is PRINCO. it says supported speeds are 4.0-2.0X.

Has anyone even heard of Princo?

Princo = :Z :Z :Z

you need to get some decent media like, Maxell, Fuji, Verbatim ect.

check out this thread to see what burns well with nec`s

Princos are disc that everyone is trying to avoid as far as they can =)

This is what i get for bringing up a 100-spindle sale in conversation before the holidays.

Is Princo worth anything at all? I’m not getting bad burns, i guess, just godawful slow ones.

Princo is known to fail in half a year or a year. Never tried them myself and never will :wink: Maybe the won’t fail for you I don’t know… but I wouldn’t burn sensitive data on this discs. You can always use them to burn something for your friends and family :wink:

Cheap media like Princo has various problems:

  • although it often can be burned without problems (be it at a lower speed), the more picky readers have troubles with these media as the error rates tend to be way higher
  • during time, the readability won’t get any better (it will get worse), as cheap media tends to rot a whole lot faster than decent media
  • the production quality is often instable; this means that you might buy a 100-pack of these with 25 unwritable discs

So Princo media are a waste of money…