NEC - ND3500 Codefree?

how can one watch US DVD’s when he bought that DVD Player in Germany? There need to be some Code or something? Can anyone help? PLZ.

thank you so far, Kele

… you need a codefree (rpc1) firmware … like the ones from The Dangerous Brothers
. . (just scroll page down) or you use Herrie’s 2.17

You could also try the software approach by using ‘AnyDVD’ from Slysoft or ‘DVD Region+CSS Free’ from DVDIdle instead!

well it didn’t work out yet - probably i have to use windvd premium in order to make it work. it’s more than just make it region free.

right now i am downloading it, i’ll post my result when i got it ok.

thank both of u guys a lot!!!