Im looking for an NEC 3450 firmware update i just this DVD burner about a week ago.

Plus i have a question… why cant i make copies with a Verbatim DVD+R DL discs?

Some how the drive does not read it…


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You will find more info here




wrong firmware :frowning:

Im looking for a 3450

That link had ND3540


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Try here.


wrong firmware

Im looking for a 3450

That link had ND3540
You are right, sorry for that. Never the less it was only one click away, you couldnt have missed it


Thanks guys

now i cant change my driver back to 3450?

It says its a 3500, and when i tried to install the original NEC new firmware it said cannot blah blah 3450.


here is the error

It says Target NEC ND3450 not found correctly


BUMP! i need this drive to work

Cus now it reads itself as a CD drive :S


IS this dvd burner only DVD Minus DL…

I bought a 20pack of DVD Plus DL discs and it doesnt read it at all…

Someone help… and my drive is still reading its self as a cd drive.

and is there a program to where i can remove a firmware ?

I installed the 3500 firmware and that was the wrong one, i need to get the 3450 1.3c


Dude, you have crossflashed your drive into an 3500 - isn’t it logic that 3450 firmwares cannot work afterwards?!???


Hi :slight_smile:
You’ll have to try with Liggy & Dee’s Dell OEM Firmware 103c, This should convert back to 3450.


Man, how many double-posts will you do …?


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Sorry sorry. if i reposted.

I will stop.
I dont want any bad trouble :frowning:


Ok thanks for your help.

I do now have the Dell OEM firmware 1.3c

But i dont know how to install it, i read the readme. but no instructions.


Ok i got the commandline working.

i has the list of stuff like -scan
-dump etc

and i read the binlfash troubleshooter on the site.
still no go.


Just use the GUI version. It’s probably easier for you. :slight_smile:



it worked :)!


Wait a second. It says that 3100, 3450 & 3500 share the same hardware. Therefore why did you have problems with the 3500 firmware? Did you use the drive converter tool to convert to 3500 before flashing the firmware?

I suggest you try again & convert to 3500.