Nec nd2510a wont work now

i flashed my drive with dangous bros firmware in windows restarted uninstalled the ide’s and dvd drive resarted it won’t read or if i record it asks for blank media when thats what it has iv gone to nec site to get 217 firmware flashed back with widow utility, and it is still the same i may of had this problem befor the flash im not sure can any one shed some light on what i can do ? help!

Try flashing in pure DOS mode.

hi thanks for your reply the post i got in my mail was not the post here though the mail said @the read me said explitly that it should be flash in dos pure or comard promt well it said it was a windows flasher should i still try the dos flasher ?

Yes, try in pure DOS mode first to see if the drive can be “revived.” Make sure you know where the drive is located at, primary/secondary/master/slave. Then next time, you can try Herrie/Liggy’s Binflash program through a Windows GUI; I’ve used it to flash a 2500A to 2510A.

Usage : NEC2x00A/NEC3x00A [-pri] [-sec] [-ter] [-qua] [-mas] [-sla] [-out ] [-flash ]

-pri Primary Controller
-sec Secondary Controller
-ter Ternary Controller
-qua Quaternary Controller
-mas Master Drive
-sla Slave Drive
-out file Specify backup file for current rom
-flash file Specify flash file to upload and burn

nec2x00a -sec -mas -out hackedfw.bin
nec2x00a -sec -mas -out hackedfw.bin -flash STOCK106.BIN

im a little confused as to “pure dos” and “comand prompt” in xp are they the same? and are you saying that i can use binflash to do this or use it the next time i flash a drive but not this time i did try to use the tutorial on flashing with a boot floppy but boot disc .com didn’t have the dr dos the tutorial asked for so i got stuck im quite compidant with the pc but not so with dos is there a idiots guide anywhere? it will have to be with a floppy cos the rw drive is us thanks again this is anoying me cos i know it wil be easy but i just need to know how !

ok now ive flashed this using binflash windows gui to a 1.07 with has made it a 2500 drive so nreo info says it still does not read anything is this all i can do is there a utility to tell me if the drive is f**ked does anybody know?

Command prompt isn’t real DOS since it exists within a window. Getting into pure DOS requires a bootable floppy or CD-ROM, which doesn’t load up the drivers for Windows. I was suggesting trying to “recover” the drive through pure DOS first. Then next time you want to try other firmwares, you can use Binflash. WXP allows you to create a bootable floppy, granted you have a FDD, otherwise, you can create a bootable CD. Check here for more information.

If you go with the floppy route, use one diskette for booting, and another diskette having the nec2x00a flasher and .bin file, which you can copy through Windows first.

Unfortunately, the ND2x00A series of drives aren’t great readers, but excellent burners. It usually takes a while for the disc to spin up and get recognized.

If you go to device manager, is the drive recognized under DVD/CD-ROM drives folder when you expand it?

They really need to make these utilities not run in xp’s command prompt… I see this kind of thing happen way to often.

The Binflash Win32 commandline version runs in a command prompt. But Windows may sometimes be the reason that flashing does not work.

ok im really strugling with which boot floppy to make at boot disc .com can you point me in the right direction? as to what to use here there are so many?

right ive at last managed to do this, what i needed explaining was, i needed the windows me boot floppy to get to dos, then i was stuck on what option to choose, and i needed the option to load with no cd drives, then i could put in my floppy with the flash utility and firmware on it in and proced from there all went smothly from there but the drive is no better now so im thinking that this fault was there before this started the drive does not read anything or if i go to burn it asks for a blank disc when it has one so i guess it will have to be a new drive what should i get ? nec again?