NEC ND2510A with Nero


just bought my first DVD writter. I have always used NERO for doing cd’s very succesfully. Problem now is that Nero does not detect my damn drive!?!?! Anyone else had the problem? It is Nero 6, tried Nero 5 with the same problem. Other apps find it no problem.

Any suggestions?



Nero 6 detects my ND2510A ok, configured as secondary master.

yeah, i got cable select… will try changing it to master tonight…



Rule one of the NEC FAQ DON"T USE CABLE SELECT :slight_smile:

NERO version or higher is also required for correct operation

I believe such minor things are too emphasized. (Do not use cable select, do not connect it as a slave, use 80 wire cable, do not use ODD+HDD in one cable, etc…)

In most such cases, everything should work fine. If some problem happens, yes, try to avoid those unrecommended status and see things get better. But not many will be lucky to see any improvements. On the other hand, Nero version can be important. That is the first thing to do.

No it’s not. I was using it on Nero with absolutely no problems whatsoever for a couple of weeks and burned both video and data dvd’s.

Did you burn any double layer media? :wink:

And which is irrelevant to aldomontoya’s problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

But I love your avatar! :slight_smile:

you need nero version at least