NEC ND2510A vs Lite-On 832S

Hey everyone,

I wanted to buy a DL DVDRW drive for my laptop (+enclosure) and after reading here and there and my search was narrowed down to the NEC ND2510A and Lite-On 832S.

Price is not really the issue since the difference is about £30 so I am looking for the best of the two.

I heard that the NEC model does not support bitsetting which I am not sure what it does but is apparently a big thing whilst the Lite-On has problems with compability against media.

Any ideas?


Yes, LiteOn is picky with media.

You can get bitsetting for the NEC if you use a hacked firmware. If you are not comfortable with a hacked firmware, then the NEC would be problematic, as bitsetting is almost a requirement if you intend to burn double-layer media.

If you are comfortable with using hacked firmwares, then you might even consider the 2500A and the 812S.

Someone else asked this and didnt get a clear reply so I was going to ask again.

Let’s assume that I am OK with hacked firmware and I go with NEC, which one should I get? The old 2500A or 2510A? The price difference is too small to be considered.

(you mean 2500A-2510A diff, right?) If so, then get the 2510A.

in my other thread, 812 vs 2500, there are many replies about which is better between liteon vs nec.

i am not really interested in double layer, but i want one that can be hacked into DL (which are 812 and 2500).
for liteon, price difference is about 90 euro’s… i didn’t see 2510 yet…

Where are you from? I found many e-shops in the UK that have the 2510A stocked.

I ordered the 2510A :smiley:

Anyone know any shop in Canada (or that ships to Canada) that sells either of those?

This place ships outside the US:

So does this one:

Hmmm, they don’t have the Lite-On, but thanks for the links
…now if only i can decide -_-

I haven’t seen the Lite-On burner for sale at any store online yet. has the 2510 in stock for $140 cdn. First place I have seen it so far.

WOW thanks Bludhound! that’s exactly what i wanted!


I would not get the NEC simply due to the fact that once NEC puts the drive out, that is all you get. They add new media to there firmwares and not much more. If you compare the NEC with official fw to most other drives with official fw who wins the features comparrison. In the last couple of months we have seen several manufacturers provide documentation for adding support for there drives to DVDInfoPro and Nero testing tools, but nothing form NEC. OEM versions of the NEC drive support bitsetting (HP) but NEC simply refuses. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need to hack our drives to get the features we really want. I do realize that the writing quality for the NEC 2500 + is better than most, but NEC’s customer support is not even close.

hmmm, you have a point… >_<

hmmm, you have a point… >_<

Yeah, bye the Lite-On, you get things like bitsetting that is supported by the manufacturer. The only reason the NEC is held in such high regard is Herrie’s firmwares. Its not a bad drive with original firmware, but not great.

I know, but Lite-Ons have poorer media acceptance.
Also, I have yet to see a shop with it…

Though now i’m leaning towards the Pioneer 108, if it truely does DL +R/-R

Yeah, might want to let them announce the drive officially first. :wink:

There’s also the question of Pioneer’s support of bitsetting. Which is, they don’t. Even though asked by customers to include +R/+RW bitsetting for the DVR-A06 and A07 drives, Pioneer hasn’t, instead referring people to use -R/-RW media instead. (Surprise, surprise.)

dammit :a

Oh well, if they DO have DL -R on the 108, i’ll get that, since, from what i’ve read, -R media has less compatibility issues than +R in general.

… And i guess i’ll need hacked firmware for bitsetting…
Is Harris’ firmware for the NECs always reliable?

Man, barely DVD and we have +/-, by the time we hit Blue Ray technology, it’ll be as confusing as flash…

Well, we’ll see if that holds true for dual layer -R as well.

Remember also that the original announcements about dual layer -R were 1x rated. That’s a long time to burn a DVD. :rolleyes:

But now I think that the initial launch is supposed to be 2x writing, still slower than +R DL, although not as bad.

Of course, by the time Pioneer and the DVD Forum manage to actually approve a spec and get units into production, I’m guessing 4x DVD+R DL might be available. :slight_smile:

Well, it is still in Beta, so there have been times where the write strategy for a disc was incorrect or some issues appeared. The latest one seems very stable with great write quality.

You don’t have to go with herrie’s full-on hacked firmware. Someone made available a version of the HP firmware, modified only to remove rip-lock, make it region-free, and allow it to be flashed to ND2500A drives. None of the write strategies were changed, and no other hacks were implemented. The HP firmware has the bitsetting, so you could use that if you’re concerned about herrie’s changes.

That said, I haven’t run into any problems using herrie’s 1.07 V2 Beta 5 firmware on my ND2500A, with either my single layer media or dual layer media.

Supposedly, there is an issue with ProdiscS03 media, I believe, where the 6x portion of the writes is very bad, and herrie was working on that. I didn’t notice it with my ProdiscS03 media though when I wrote it at 6x. Discs played fine in my DVD player and DVDinfoPro reported no errors on the disc.

If you’re in the GTA, Canada Computers has the NEC ND-2510A for $135. also has it listed for $121, but it’s not available yet. I’m still trying to figure out whether to get the 2510 or 2500…