NEC ND2510A review at

NEC ND2510A review at

check it out

good review… amazed at the cost? its a 2500a with firmware :slight_smile:

Not a very good review IMO.
The only data that his “test results” contain are the total burn times! ha!
I look forward to OC-Freaks’ review.
Now THAT will be a review that contains meaningful content with test results that you can analyze.

It doesn’t even specify the firmware revision!

I noticed!

(ok it's still laughable)

At the least the review could have listed what firmware it had and shown a dvdinfo data page or nero tools page. was it a retail unit or pre release testing unit. they didnt say.

Ok, as I work for TrustedReviews I guess I better answer the questions.
The review sample was a pre-release unit.
We don’t do hard-core reviews such as CDFreaks or CDRInfo, but try to cater to a wider audience. I don’t know if you noticed, but we don’t specialize in DVD writers as such, but it is a popular subject, so we review them.
If you’re really interested I guess I can plug the drive back in and get the firmware version for you and a screenshot of dvdinfo.



The review in general was good, but most people need a benchmark and knowing if the unit is pre-release or retail and f/w revision is very helpful if nothing else in all reviews you should list these to things. As to finding out what it was well I can tell you it was most likely KOP2 f/w most of the pre-release units reviewed had KOP2 on them and the retail units seem to have either KOP2 or if after 2004/5/14 then 2.15.

This is a kick-ass drive. My 2510A is rebadged as a Mad Dog MegaSTOR. It identifies itself freely as NEC to the device manager though. And it’s black. And it was $72 at CompUSA after a $30 rebate. Holy shiznit! Still can’t find 8x media. Although I work at CompUSA and hear we should be getting the dual layer media on June 30. For USD14 each! I’ll hold off for now but its nice to know when the price comes down I have the capability! :wink:
Sorry, I don’t have any benchmarks. It just fits my needs really well because it’s 1) black, 2) fast, 3) quiet, and 4) doesn’t make coasters.

Yeah I got my 2510A from Komplett only €96 I was going to wait for 16X +R & DVD+R DL writers but thought sod it at that price I could afford to still get one of those when they come out.

They also have a backorder on Verbatim dual layer media so its says that 5 or more days till their in stock.

Verbatim has started to sample media in the UK, but it shouldn’t be long before you can buy at as the samples are fully retail packaged.

I agree; with the quality problems that there are with actual dvd media, it’s essential to have a PI/PO scan inside the review to see how the writer is good at burning.

TheLostSwede it is of course understandable that you dont specialize in dvd recorders, people should take notice on such details before making comments.

Thanx for dropping in and providing more info, it is appreciated :slight_smile: