NEC ND2510A or Lite-On 832S



After reading many threads I still do not know which of this two to buy.

Both costs the same in our country.

Is one of this 2 so much better then other ?

How you will decide and why ?


best regards


Why not buy one of each…I did…but there again I have four PCs…the other two have a 2500 with Herries DL firmware and a Lite-ON 851S installed.

Ultimately though it probably depends whether you want to use the drive to backup any copy protected games or CDs you might own, at this task the Lite-ON is bound to be more efficient…for this task just incidentally my choice of software is Blindwrite.


I had to make a similar discussion and bought… the BenQ 822A+ :stuck_out_tongue:

The DL feature of the NEC can only be used in connection with the hacked firmware - so NEC was out. cdrinfo posted a mixed review of the 832S so the Lite-On was closed to being out.

I finally concluded that I want to use DL+R - just not now but with a vendor supplied firmware. So the conclusion was the DW822A+.


Also NEC doesn’t support bitsetting, which leads to compatibility problems with DVD+R9, whereas the 832s does. By the way, I love my new 832s :smiley:


Hehe i love my new 832S too fine Drive many tools and tons of features :iagree: