Nec Nd2510a (oem)

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I have a Fujitsu Siemens PC with a DVD WRITER NEC ND2510A Ver.2.96 (OEM). Is it possible to be change the firmware from this burner to ?
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2.A5C would be a good choice.

Use Binflash to backup old firmware.

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and this is possible without problems for this OEM burners ?

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No problems.

Binflash for windows Win32 GUI 1.33

Ok , many thanks - i will test it in the next time
A last question is , which firmware of 2.A5C (orig., fast , RPC1) ?
I don´t know :confused:

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Original: Bitsetting and new media added.

Fast: Original + faster ripspeed.

RPC1: Fast + DVD Region free.

I would recommend Fast.