NEC ND2500A Wont Play CDs

Hello there,
Ive had the driver about a month now used it with no problems. All of a sudden it wont read cdroms. I hear a ‘tik’ every 2 seconds or so and the light is on until after a few minutes the light turns off and the computer says to inser a disc. This is a weird problem as the driver still reads any dvd disc, just not cd!

Firmware 1.06 installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


I got the same problem but the other way around. Mine only reads CD’s and DVD’s no more. Got the latest firmware from Herrie installed.

Heard from someone that the burner has got 2 lasers, one for CD’s and one for DVD’s. So I guess the DVD laser is to shreds.

But maybe someone got a solution for our problem.

Damn. Well the device has only 1 laser not 2. I opened it up to make sure the reader was alligned properly which it is. Strange problem indeed…