NEC ND2500A In-stock at $53.99 + Shipping

Figured I’d mention this. It’s actually a Refurbished HP420i. Which if I’m correct and by looking at the specs is a NEC ND2500A. If anyone wants their 2500A this isn’t a bad price to pick one up at all. :slight_smile:

A refurbished 8X NEC looks a pretty poor deal considering you can have a new 3520 for $50 with free shipping from Newegg.

But there are some people here looking to replace a sold or dead 2500 so when it’s the only choice you got… - Just don’t kill the messenger, figured I’d post it, anyone interested can order one and get theirs back.

Heck, My BenQ is a refurbished drive from Newegg and it’s been running nice and strong for me since I’ve had it. Long as they are totally redone properly I don’t see an issue with a refurbished drive to be honest. :slight_smile:

These are getting rare these days and people are looking for them. The 3500 is also getting hard to find and I’ve seen posts where people are trying to find sites selling them.