Nec nd2500a - cd-r creation problem

I’ve got an ND 2500A 8x DVD burner. Windows XP OS. 2 Western Digital hard drives: C: 40GB, D: 80GB. I use Roxio CD/DVD 6.x Platinum. Drives appears so far to work perfectly fine except under 1 specific condition. If I’m creating a CD-R from any files contained on my D: drive, using any brand CD-R disc, AND I use the track-to-track record method, it will fail every single time. I can take that same disc and files on drive D: and use the disc-to–disc method and it works like a champ. Any files, format, CD-Rs, DVDs created from the C: drive, complete successfully. The only thing I can find that may be the differentiator is drive D:'s DMA Mode is 5, drive C:'s DMA mode is 4. Now I do have another system with a DVD burner in it and it has 2 mode 5 drives installed–works like a champ. So I don’t think this is software related. I can’t get any help from NEC or any of there websites–they don’t even appear to acknowledge this drive’s existance. Anyone got any ideas, feedback?

OK, is your D: 80GB harddrive on the same IDE channel as your 2500A?
If so, you may want to keep both harddrives on one IDE channel, and keep the 2500A on a seperate channel.

No, the DVD writer is on the 2ndary IDE channel and it’s a slave to a std CD-ROM drive. The 80GB is on the primary, slave to the 40GB HD.
However, I’ve done some more testing. I moved the 80GB HD & the DVD writer to another system with WinXP and Roxio 6.x. Creating the CD-R on this system worked without errors. So this indicates my DVD writer appears to have no defect–which is good news. My hard drive does not have a problem–which is good news. But I do have some kind of a problem on the other system–bad news. My conclusion at this time is that it may be some odd opsys quirk but I don’t know. I also tried different cables to insure that wasn’t a factor–it wasn’t. I’ll probably reload the problem system and set everything up again. Hopefully this will resolve problem.

Before that you may want to try simply uninstalling Roxio, reinstalling it, and then updating to the newest version.
Or, trying a different recording app.