NEC-ND2500A Burning problems

I just installed this burner yesterday, So far I’ve burned 2 data DVD-R’s of avi videos. On BOTH discs the VERY last video acts like it wasnt burned completly. It’s the only file whose thumbnail doesnt display in explorer, and the only one that doesn’t play. This is really ticking me off. I can’t believe that my first burns with my first dvd burner have to go so wrong. Does anyone else know of this problem? Is it the burner, firmware, or perhaps the media I’m using? I have 2003 firmware, and am using Imation DVD-R’s. If anyone else has tried this combination and/or can just give an opinion it’d really be appreciated.

Which software you using?, data dvd’s seem for me to work with Nero,what speed are you buring at?,Try using a +R, all i use most of the time.

I’m using Nero. These Imation’s are 2x. Really would like to hear from someone who’s used these discs on this burner before, if there are any out there :slight_smile:

I updated my Nero to and it burned everything right this time. I hope it’s not only a one time thing…

I’m real mad now. Why the hell does this damn thing not do anything right. It worked last night, yet NOW I do another burn of one of the ones that didnt work the first time with my old Nero and it STILL doesnt read the last file. I dont get whats with this. It better just be the media because I dont wanna have to already return this damn thing

Every burner has troubles with the version.

Try to use the latest NERO.

well like I said, I did update to the newest version.
Every burner has troubles with what version?

It might help if we knew what media you have. “Imation” doesn’t tell us anything.

Well, I’d think Imation pretty much speaks for itself. Everyone should know what that is. But if you wanna know the Manufacturer ID, it’s CM MAG.
It’s actually the exact same ones in this post I believe:
The post by Legnerp near the bottom seems like it’d be my same drive and media, except for the fact he names his burner DV2500A, where as mine is AD2500A. Don’t know if it’s a typo or just another name for the same drive, but the results seem to show no errors. I just don’t get why it’d only do this to the last file on the disc. Especially when I burned one succesfully last night with the last file working.
I assume there’s been good reviews for Verbatim DVD-/+R discs, so I’ll try that next, unless someone else with the same drive has any other suggestions.