NEC-ND2500A and MAM-A DVD-R media

Hi -

I am using a LaCie d2 dvd burner (8x) that shows up as a NEC-ND2500A drive. I’m also using MAM-A DVD-R media (according to the packaging, these are MAM DVD-R EVEREST RIMAGE general purpose 4x) manufactured by Mitsui ( My authoring software is Roxio’s Toast 6.03 (and I am upgrading to Toast 6.09 today). The firmware version on the NEC drive is 1.06/MMC-3. Finally, the operating system is Macintosh OS 10.3.8 on a G4.

My problem is that lately I have been receiving a lot of sector verification errors when Toast is verifying the burn. I’m trying to determine if the NEC-ND2500A drive is compatible with this media. On the Mitsui site above, they list the NEC-ND1300A drive (with 1.06 firmware) as having the most recent compatible firmware. Is there a significant difference between these two drives and firmware releases?

Also, I apologize for posting this here, but I did not see a specific forum for the Mitsui DVD-R media listed. Has anybody had experience with this media or can anyone point me to the correct forum? I did see that a recent forum for Bad Burns recommended the DVD-R Identifier software, to see where the media truly belongs. Since I work in a Mac-only authoring environment, the DVD-Identifier executable is not going to work for me. Is there a Macintosh alternative?

Thank you in advance!