NEC ND2500 Burning Query

I got my writer on Saturday and updated the firmware to Herrie’s D L.

I backed up a DVD using DVDShrink and Nero 6, it burnt the disc at 8x :iagree: but was a 4x Piodata disc. When I tried it in my DVD player it loaded ok but when you went into the menu and clicked to play a scene the graphics were blocky. If I stopped the player and started it again the film would play fine?

Looking at the surface of the disk it appears to have only written on half of it with a line going half way through? It looks like it has written dual layers on a single layer disc? Is this possible :confused: ?

I changed the firmware back to the Nec v1.7 and have had no problems other than writing at 4x. The dvd-r disk surface now looks full.

first, excuse my bad english

when you burn at 8x the burner will start at 4x and then after 1 gig it will change to 6x and after a while to 8x, i think the lines that you see are where the writer does these changes in speed

the blocky graphics is possibly there because you’ve burnt the disc at a higher speed than it’s designed for

and no, it’s not possible to write dual layers on a single layer disc

Thanks for that, it must be because of the poor quality media