NEC nd2100-ad not reading a software CD-ROM

My drive reads other cds and dvds but won’t read softawre from a CD that came with my Palm device. what can I do?

Please give us some info on your drive, like the firmware version would help. Also have you tried scanning the disc using a free tool like VSO’s Inspector?

Also do not double post…just edit/reply to your original post.

the drive came with the computer (a DELL Dimesion 4600). the firmware version is 106f. I am not that tech savvy so I didn’t understand what you meant by scanning the disc using VSO inspector.

And sorry about the double posting, I am new to this forum.

also, I tried using the disk in a different computer and it worked fine, so I would assume that the CD itself is fine.

Sorry I keep making new posts, I am just looking around trying to find a solution and I wanted to know if perhaps this is a firmware update issue? I saw some places saying that there is a firmware available to “flash”? and “make the drive into a nd-2500” would that help? is it safe to do that? etc.

I just tried putting it in again to see if I could find any information. the only thing that it does recognize is that it is a RAW file (I don’t know what that means or if it makes a difference). also, the drive is a DVD/CD drive and it DOES recognize that it is a CD and not a DVD.

You either should use another reader or try using tools like isobuster etc.

I downloaded isobuster but it also said that it was a blank cd. I used vso inspector and it also doesn’t detect anything. also, what does “another reader” mean?

Another drive.

I did try it on a different computer and it worked fine.